microBean™ Abstract Environment

The microBean™ Abstract Environment project consists primarily of a mildly opinionated pom.xml file that describes runtime dependencies that together make up part of a bare minimum microBean™ environment.

A full microBean™ environment—even a minimal one—will also need a CDI 2.0 implementation.

The pom.xml file also produces a Docker image that collects those dependencies together in a root /microbean directory, together with an Alpine Linux variant of the OpenJDK Java development kit.

Users of this project are either Java developers—who can include the pom.xml directly as a dependency—or developers of Docker images for microBean™ projects (a CDI 2.0 implementation and its dependencies is needed to complete any environment).


The microbean-abstract-environment environment consists of versions of the following:

Together these implement parts of version 0.6.0 of the microBean™ Base Specification.